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Supporting the Mission & Ministry of First Christian Church

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Just click on the "donate" button to make your donation to the church though PayPal

All are welcome to join us for any of our activities, ministries or mission projects. Sharing your time and talents with us is a very valued gift by our congregation.

There are many different opportunities to support the Mission and Ministries of First Christian Church. 

We welcome gifts of all kinds.


  • Giving of your time and talent to a specific Mission Project, Ministry, or Event - please contact the church office by phone (712-623-2897) or email ( and let us know of your interest.


  • Give a designated donation to the church for one of our missions or ministries by sending a check to the church or donating through our PayPal button below.


  • Give an unrestricted financial donation to the church by check or through our PayPal button below.



We are grateful and appreciative of all donations we receive for the ongoing mission of Christ's church  Thank you!  May this gift, and you as the giver, be blessed to the service and mission of the church.

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