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Our Mission Projects

Tuesday Girls

Our Tuesday Girls spread cheer each week on Tuesday to our residents at Arlington Place, Red Oak Healthcare Community (Now WELCOV) and Good Samaritan Society. This team visits with each of the residents and leaves them a senior devotional reading and puzzle paper each week. If you would like to join the Tuesday girls, for one day or more, contact our church office!

Thursday Dinners - Partnering in Ministry

We are partnering in ministry with our community!  Every Thursday, there is a free meal served at the Red Oak Presbyterian Church from 5:30 to 7:00.  This meal is for all who have need, no questions asked and no pre-requisites There are five churches that take turns in a month serving this meal, and we are one of them – we serve the fourth Thursday of every month.  If you would like to volunteer, help, or partner in any way for this, please call the church at 712-621-7705, or contact our minister. 

This is a meal that make a significant impact in our community, as it serves 50-75 people or more weekly, including underprivileged children, elderly, differently abled peoples, and differently mentally abled peoples.

Ways and ideas to help include:

  • Bringing a side dish or dessert

  • Helping serve, cleanup, or prepare

  • Providing supplies

  • Picking up chicken weekly

This ministry to this in need is made possible by several “Partners in Ministry”.  The Red Oak KFC provides 30-40 lbs. of chicken weekly, most of which is taken to the local food pantries. This is safe and good food, that otherwise was going to waste by restaurant standards.  The Red Oak Hy-Vee and Red Oak Fareway both provide food items for this ministry.  The Red Oak McDonald's provides tableware, coffee, condiments, plastic ware, and paper products for this ministry.  We would LOVE to keep this ministry growing in new ways, so please do not hesitate to ask more, or help with this if you are interested or curious!

This is a ministry that is still unfolding!  And it serves more than the people at the meal.

* Other food is taken to the three food banks in Red Oak.   These are at West Central Development, Christ's Cupboard, and First Baptist's food bank.  We also partner and work with West Central - they work to help people who on the edge, and need a little extra help to be self sustaining.  They address many long term issues regarding what it takes to help folks make ends meet, and they do a tremendous amount of work to meet immediate needs as well, including run operate a food bank which this food is contributed towards.  They also have clothing assistance, heat assistance, housing assistance, and they help connect under-privileged people with health insurance for their children.

* We hope to be able to help connect other restaurants with this as well, as we build more connections and relationships in our community, and develop a stronger sense of how to help those in need. Contact us if you would like to help, or have other ways in which you think you might want to contribute!!!

- If you would like more information regarding FoodToDonate (this is the the connection we have to KFC), visit their website at

Ideas for Ministry???

Ever feel like you have a feeling that you want to do something useful for your church, or your community?  Do you see something that needs done that you want to lead others in doing?  Are you already doing something great, and wan to have some help from the church?  We actually do WANT to hear what YOU have to say!!!  We as a church believe in serving others as we have been served, and we support partnering with others in fellowship.  Lets hear those ideas, please contact the church office via phone, email, or in person!

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